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Posted on March 13, 2018
I started a new travel blog in January just prior to my Australian vacation. Unfortunately, I was involved in a head-on collision while down under. I haven't been able to contribute to my blog since - except for one last entry. If you'd like to read about the accident and it's immediate aftermath, check here: BROKEN
And if you'd like to hear my new song, BROKEN, find it here on YOUTUBE

2017 Reflections

Posted on January 15, 2017
It was a busy 2016. I have a vacation coming up and am looking forward to strumming my guitar in Honduras and Belize. We love bird watching so that is definitely on the agenda.
I got a new saxophone last year. Alto. It's amazing how quickly the chops come back! I have been pleasantly surprised. It is a fun instrument and I am planning on adding some riffs to a couple of my upcoming recordings.
The New Year promises to be just as crazy as the old one - but you only live once, right? Looking forward to starting up our open mic again at Porter's Bistro. That will begin February 16th.
I have set some performing and songwriting goals for the year - we'll see how many I can get to.
Peace and prosperity to all for 2017!

Jazz anyone?

Posted on September 4, 2015
Thrilled at some changes that are happening at our local Murrayville bistro! Bill Buurmeester has just announced that Al Wiebe (jazz guitarist) will be performing every second Friday night. Al has asked me to join him as a vocalist! This should be a lot of fun and a different genre for me so I am excited to be taking up the challenge. 
Also, we are going to try to get a Thursday night musician's jam session started at Porter's. Look for more news right here and on Facebook. The inaugural date for the fun is October 8th. Lots of fun!

Alaskan Cruise Fun!

Posted on August 26, 2015
Just got back from my first ever Alaskan Cruise. It was great fun (and, yes, too much food!) The highlight was a great band that played each night in the Queen's Lounge called "The BB King All Stars"  - great chops!
I also had fun at the piano bar crooning away with the ship's piano player, Van. We did I GOT YOU BABE by Sonny and Cher. It was a hoot.
Back at home in the Fraser Valley. It is going to be a very busy fall with lots of gigs coming up and some new collaborations. Stay tuned!

Writing again!

Posted on August 8, 2015
Found a wonderful vacation spot on Vancouver Island called Yellow Point Lodge. Spent a very relaxing 3 days there in August and was inspired enough write a new song called MAGICAL COMBINATION.  The owner of the resort is a bass player. Every Friday night there is a jam with literally DOZENS of musicians from all over the area and those who are guests at the lodge. I have never seen so many guitar players in one room! On the Saturday night, our proprietor takes to the stage with his 50's/60's rock 'n roll band and everyone dances! What a fun place! I will try to get back there next year.

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