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Jazzercise Fun!

Posted on December 10, 2014
So, I was at my usual jazzercise class tonight, and just as we are about to get into the upper body workout with weights, my song "I Just Want Out" starts playing! My wonderful instructor Sabine Oscarchuk queued up my tune for the class. Such fun! Doing my workout and singing my song!  Thank Sabine!

Tis the Season!

Posted on December 4, 2014
Oh My Gawd! December is such a crazy month! The full band (all 6 of us) will be performing at the Christmas dance for the Langley Memorial OR staff. This is the third year in a row for us and it's a really fun evening.
We're gearing up for the NEW YEAR'S ROCKIN' EVE Party at Murrayville Hall December 31st. It is being catered by the incredibly talented Rebecca Olfert so the food will be amazing! We have Darryl Swanson providing some instrumental dinner music and then we plan to rock all night long! We will welcome in the New Year with a glass of bubbly! Tickets are $75 per person and available at Porter's Bistro (48th and 216th St in Langley) - call 604-530-5297 to reserve yours. Cash or cheque only please.

New Songs Registered with Socan!

Posted on October 19, 2014
I registered 15 new original songs today with SOCAN! Very pleased about that. However, I am about 6 songs short of my "Song-a-Week" goal - which sucks! That said, I have at least 4 songs on that I haven't finished so I guess this week should be spent polishing some of those. It's definitely been a challenge to keep churning out new ideas. Today wasn't much fun. . . I worked on several ideas and the discarded them all because they didn't sound unique.
C'est la via! 
Back to the drawing board. . . 


Posted on September 21, 2014
Just thinking that it is a good thing we didn't resurrect the name ISIS for our band! This word has recently come to symbolize all that is evil in the world! Many moons ago, I was performing with a cover band called ISIS  - ISIS referring to the "Egyptian Goddess of Magic". It seemed like a fun name at the time. Wow! Things sure change! I'm sure if my band were called ISIS today, establishments would be cancelling our gigs!

Song a Week

Posted on September 3, 2014
Well, I'm a few songs behind my "song a week" goal, I'm afraid! Things were going swimmingly until the summer which was interrupted by a trip to Spain and Portugal, my sister's wedding, my daughter's wedding, 4 house guests for 2 weeks, 2 gigs, a trip to Salt Spring Island and Galiano, a house party (my house) and a friend's wedding! Not to mention work! So, I guess I've got a good excuse. I'm about 6 songs behind - although, they are partially written. I'll try to use September to catch up.  
On another note, The Promise, which was my first "song a week" song, debuted at my daughter, Siobhan's wedding to Garrett Holborn. It was a beautiful wedding and the song received a lot of praise. I'm very exciting about recording it so all of you can hear it!

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