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Shannon Lee: Blog

Song a Week

Posted on September 3, 2014

Well, I'm a few songs behind my "song a week" goal, I'm afraid! Things were going swimmingly until the summer which was interrupted by a trip to Spain and Portugal, my sister's wedding, my daughter's wedding, 4 house guests for 2 weeks, 2 gigs, a trip to Salt Spring Island and Galiano, a house party (my house) and a friend's wedding! Not to mention work! So, I guess I've got a good excuse. I'm about 6 songs behind - although, they are partially written. I'll try to use September to catch up.  

On another note, The Promise, which was my first "song a week" song, debuted at my daughter, Siobhan's wedding to Garrett Holborn. It was a beautiful wedding and the song received a lot of praise. I'm very exciting about recording it so all of you can hear it!