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Shannon Lee: Music

Ordinary Man

(Shannon Lee "Pot of Gold")
Colin Rankin
I've been around this crazy world for years
And nothing ever lit that light no miracle appeared
Until that fateful day when I met you
And nothing ever felt so right nobody else would do
But you

But lately when I call you you're not home
I leave a lot of messages but you’re leaving me alone
And no one knows exactly where you go
I thought I found a love for life
But I found a rolling stone

I’m hearing things I just don't want to know
Like you're being seen all over town, you're really on a roll
You’re at the Commadore, the Roxy, and the Vogue
I’ll even pay the cover charge if you’ll invite me to the show

I want an ordinary man
Not a wild and crazy dude about town
Doing all I can
To keep you
What a fool I am

I'll look around this crazy world for years
Knowing what I'm looking for it's absolutely clear
A lover who is honest who is true
And makes me feel the way I do
Whenever I’m with you