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Shannon Lee: News & Muse

Broken - March 13, 2018

Sad to report that I was in a serious collision in Australia in January. 

Read about it here:

Listen to the song I wrote about it here: Broken


Colin and I are mending.


MUM alive and kicking! - October 6, 2017

I am having a great time hosting the weekly open mic/jam session at Porter's Bistro in Murrayville.

Join us every Thursday from 6:30 pm.

MUM is known as The Best Damn Jam in the Lower Mainland!

Be sure to check us out on Facebook:! 

Welcome 2017! - January 15, 2017

2016 was a busy one - with Mic'd up Murrayville (Check out every Thursday, Porter's gigs and a wedding reception at the end of the year. I also wrote my first (and probably last) Christmas song. I'll get a link to it up here in the near future.

Lots of things on the horizon for 2017 with MUM starting again on February 16th. I have a trip to Honduras and Belize at the end of January and a trip to Japan in April. We always take our travel guitars - they are great ice breakers. You never now what may inspire you to write your next song.


All the best to you for a fabulous 2017!

Porter's Open Mic/Jam Every Thursday! - November 18, 2015

Check out what is happening at our weekly Mic'd Up Murrayville Open Mic and Jam Session at Porter's Bistro every Thursday evening!



Jazz Fridays at Porter's - September 4, 2015

Shannon Lee is thrilled to be teaming up with jazz guitarist Al Wiebe. Along with Bill Buurmeester on drums and Don Biggar on bass, this lively quartet will be jazzing up the Friday nights twice monthly at this popular Murrayville Bistro. The first Jazz evening will be Friday, September 18th. Show starts at 6:30 pm

CBC Searchlight Competition - March 30, 2015

Very excited that my song, THE PROMISE, is entered in the CBC SEARCHLIGHT COMPETITION. Please cast your vote daily here

New Year's Eve! - December 10, 2014

Our Murrayville New Year's Eve bash is selling out fast! Join us at the Hall on December 31st for a fabulous dinner catered by Chef Rebecca Olfert and dinner music by pianist Darryl Swanson. Then rock in the New Year with our 6 piece band INGLEWOOD! Tickets available at Porter's Bistro. Call now: 604-530-5297 to reserve!

Go! Vancouver! - October 19, 2014

Cool! Go Vancouver! will be video-taping a sampling of our next gig at Porter's (this Saturday, October 25th). They are working on the "doctors by day, musicians by night". Sounds like fun!

New Year's Eve! - October 10, 2014

Very excited to announce that this year Shannon Lee & Inglewood Band will be bringing in the New Year at Murrayville Hall! Stay tuned for more information!

Porter's Video - September 19, 2014

Soupy Gato Show - September 19, 2014

Thanks Daniel the host of the Soupy Gato Show for playing songs from "Pot of Gold"!

WYN Australia Rocks! - September 3, 2014

Very pleased to hear that DJ, Trudy Burke is playing "Forgotten to Pray" on 88.9 WYN-FM in Victoria, Australia! Thank you for your support Trudy!

Porter's Rocks! - February 23, 2014

What a fabulous night at Porter's, as usual! We were filled beyond capacity last night and there were lots of new faces and old friends in the audience. Thank you, Bill Buurmeester for creating such a great venue for local musicians to perform! We will be back in April - book early!

New Name! - January 12, 2014

I'm pleased to announce that my band has adopted the name INGLEWOOD! This name has special meaning for me as it is the name of the street that I grew up on in Winnipeg, Manitoba. So, when you see "Inglewood" - it's me!

Pinnacle Pier Hotel NY Eve - January 5, 2014

This was a fantastic gig! Wow! We rocked the night away with over 140 people from North Vancouver and all over! Thank you Sharon Holmes for having us!

Porter's Rocks! - October 27, 2013

Great gig last night at Porter's Bistro. Thank you to Sean Depner who was there shooting our first video. Sean is also working on Siobhan Maeghan's music video - stay tuned for that!

It was great to see so many new faces - as well as old friends like Brian, Sue, Liz, Laura, Gary, Dave, Rammi, Kirti, Lexie, Mike, Janet, Hannah and Garrett. We're hoping to get back to Porter's in the New Year.

Sold Out! - October 21, 2013

Our upcoming gig at Porter's Bistro is sold out!  Thank you Langley!

New Year's Eve 2013 - October 21, 2013

Excited to be playing at the Lobby Lounge at the Pinnacle on the Pier Hotel in North Vancouver this New Year's Eve! Stay tuned for all the details - dinner and dancing at this lovely venue! 

Siobhan Maeghan Original Song! - October 12, 2013

First Annual Porter's Appreciation Party - September 9, 2013

What a great time we had last night! Bill Buurmeester - proprietor of Porter's - had a wine and cheese "musician's appreciation" party last night for all of the musicians who have performed at Porter's during the last couple of years. It was a fantastic opportunity to network and to be able to listen to some very talented musicians! We had Bases Loaded, Lesismore, Dale Sawatsky, Dave Mercer, Bradley McGillivray Band, Three Pound Cloud, Rice, Simon Jarett and more! There were also a few newcomers that were very talented. I would like to thank the boys in the band - Colin, Bill and Don - as well as Siobhan and Raina for coming out and doing a few numbers to make it memorable.

"Ride Away" Honors! - September 4, 2013

Stoked that RIDE AWAY (from Pot Of Gold 2008) is a SEMIFINALIST ENTRY in the 2013 SONG OF THE YEAR CONTEST!

Check it out!

New song demo on Reverb Nation! - July 2, 2013

Please check out my new song STAY KIND!  This is a rough take but you'll get the idea!

Update! - July 2, 2013

OMG! It's been an entire year since I've got back here to update things! It's been a crazy year, too. New gigs coming up all the time. New bass player and drummer - Don Biggar on bass and Bill Buurmeester on drums. Both of my daughters, Raina and Siobhan, are now singing with the band making us a formidable 6 piece! 


Working on some new originals. Excited about our concert in the park coming up on August 10th. 

Please follow us on Face Book for the most up-to-date information!

CTC Nominates Shannon Lee as Best Supporting Actress! - July 5, 2012

From Director/President Angela Bell:

SO honoured and so proud of the Langley Players - Langley received a total of 23 CTC Nominations at the announcement ceremony last night!! I know there will be a complete list very soon (I tried writing them ALL down, but just couldn't keep up) but in the meantime I'd like to extend my congrats to our members for their nominations!!
Best Graphic Design/Poster - Matt Lazzarotto, Waiting for the Parade
Best Graphic Design/Poster - Dave Williams, The Stillborn Lover
Best Graphic Design/Program - Leslie Gaudette and Jim Garnett, Waiting for the Parade
Best Sound Design - Lori Smith, Waiting for the Parade
Best Sound Design - Lori Smith, Victoria's House
Best Set Design - Al Baratelli, Waiting for the Parade
Best Set Design - Mary Renvall, Victoria's House
Best Set Decoration - Mary Renvall, Waiting for the Parade
Best Set Decoration - Bev Pride, Victoria's House
Best Lighting Design - Richard McManus, Waiting for the Parade
Best Lighting Design - Angela Bell and Richard McManus, Victoria's House
Best Costume Design - Bunny Patterson, Waiting for the Parade
Best Costume Design - Bunny Patterson, Victoria's House
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role - Shannon Lee, as Margaret St. James in Victoria's House
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role - Kat Auton, as Winnie in Victoria's House
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role - Emma Rae Cawood, as Eve in Waiting for the Parade
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role - Mary Renvall, as Marian in The Stillborn Lover
Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role - Mike Busswood, The Stillborn Lover
Best Director of a Comedy or Drama - Helen Embury, Waiting for the Parade
Best Director of a Comedy or Drama - Angela Bell, Victoria's House
Best Director of a Comedy or Drama - Lou Lou Leroux, The Stillborn Lover
Best Production (Comedy/Drama) - Waiting for the Parade, Producer Leslie Gaudette
Best Production (Comedy/Drama) - Victoria's House, Producer Cynthia Dwyer
...and a heartfelt Congratulations to all of this year's nominees - way to go!!! What an honour - thanks to all the voting reps of the CTC, and to BDO Canada for doing the official tallying!!

Langley Advance - March 25, 2012

Thanks again, Roxy Hooper of the Langley Advance for your continued support and advertising!

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