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Shannon Lee: News & Muse

DNP added in Alberta! - June 27, 2009

Thank you to the music director at CHRB in High River, Alberta who has added Darn Near Perpect to the playlist!

Interview with Shannon Lee - June 23, 2009

Click on the link below to hear the latest interview with Shannon Lee. Thank you to the listeners at CJMQ Quebec and a special thanks to Maureen Dillon!

Darn Near Perfect in Ontario! - June 15, 2009

Inglewood Productions is very please that CHPB Radio in Cochrane, Ontario has added DNP to the playlist!

Interview with Shannon Lee on CJMQ - June 13, 2009

CJMQ in Sherbrooke, Quebec will be broadcasting a previously recorded interview with Shannon Lee on Tuesday's Country Show (airs between 4 and 6 pm EST July 16, 2009). The interview will then be posted on the CJMQ website

Thank you to MD, Maureen Dillon!

Beecher Street Bash! - June 13, 2009

Thanks to all who came out to Beecher Street Cafe in White Rock last Wednesday! We had a fabulous time!

Yes, we'll be back there again!

Hail Saskatchewan! - June 1, 2009

Inglewood Productions is pleased to announce that "Darn Near Perfect" was featured on the "Canadian Coast to Coast show" broadcast on CJVR in Melfort, SK.

DNP added in Renfrew! - June 1, 2009

Thanks to the Music Director at CJHR in Renfrew, Ontario for adding Darn Near Perfect to their rotation!

Thanks Alberta! - May 30, 2009

Thanks to the Music Director at CIXM in Whitecourt, Alberta who recently featured "Darn Near Perfect" on their "Canadian Coast to Coast show"!

DNP added in Ontario! - May 26, 2009

Thank you to the Music Director at CHVR in Pembroke, ON, for featuring Darn Near Perfect on the New Music Countdown!

DNP added in Manitoba! Finally! - May 23, 2009

Darn Near Perfect was added this week to rotation at CKLQ Brandon Manitoba! This is the first add from Shannon's home province and she is very pleased!

DNP added in Ontario! - May 22, 2009

Thank you to CHES in Erin, Ontario for featuring Darn Near Perfect!

The Music Director said, "Love the song. Added "Darn Near Perfect" to our rotation yesterday."

DNP added in Ontario! - May 11, 2009

Thanks to the music director at CKHA radio in Haliburton, Ontario for adding Darn Near Perfect to the playlist!

DNP again in Ontario! - May 7, 2009

Darn Near Perfect is spinning in Haliburton, Ontario!

Thanks CKHA Canoe, FM!

DNP added in Saskatchewan! - May 6, 2009

Thank you CIBN in Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan for spinning Shannon Lee's single "Darn Near Perfect". We really appreciate your support!

DNP added in Iroquois Falls! - May 5, 2009

CJFL in Iroquois Falls, Ontario is spinning Darn Near Perfect! Thank you for your support!

DNP in rotation again in Quebec! - May 3, 2009

Inglewood Productions is thrilled that another Quebec Country Music Station has added "Darn Near Perfect!" Thanks to the Music Director at CJMS in St. Constant, QC!

CHIP Radio Interview - May 2, 2009

Click below to hear Shannon Lee's Thursday April 30 interview with DJ Chad on CHIP FM in Quebec. - Anglais/Interviews/Shannon_Lee_-_2009-04-30.mp3

DNP added in Nova Scotia - May 1, 2009

Thanks to the Music Director at CIFA in Comeauville, Nova Scotia for adding Darn Near Perfect!

DNP in Saskatchewan! - April 30, 2009

Wow! Darn Near Perfect is now playing in Buffalo Narrows Saskatchewan! Thanks to the MD at CIBN in Buffalo Narrows!

DNP added in Comeauville, Quebec! - April 29, 2009

Thank you CIFA!

DNP added in Quebec! - April 27, 2009

Thank you, Chad Bertrand who is the DJ/music director for CHIP FM in Fort Coulonge, QC! Inglewood Productions is thrilled to have Darn Near Perfect in rotation at another Quebec radio station!

Chad will be interviewing Shannon Lee this Thursday, April 30th at 5:15 EST (that's 2:15 PM for fans on the West Coast). If you miss the live interview, you can hear it on the CHIP website: - click on MEDIA GALLERY/AUDIO/ENGLISH/INTERVIEWS.

Back from the Galapagos! - April 23, 2009

Shannon Lee has just returned from the Galapagos where she spent the past week marvelling at blue-footed boobies, flightless cormorants and marine iguanas. What a fascinating place!

And what a thrill to return home to discover that Darn Near Perfect is picking up steam on several Canadian Country Music Stations!

DNP in Edmonton! - April 23, 2009

Thank you CFWE in Edmonton for featuring Shannon Lee's Darn Near Perfect and adding it to your Feature Rotation!

DNP in Ontario! - April 22, 2009

Darn Near Perfect is now in rotation in Little Current, Ontario at CFRM. Thanks for your support!

DNP in Rotation in Quebec! - April 20, 2009

Inglewood Productions is excited to report that Darn Near Perfect is now in rotation on the commercial Canadian country music station CJMQ in Sherbrooke, Quebec!
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