Check Out Roxy Hooper's interview with Shannon Lee about her role in "For Better".” - Roxanne Hooper

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Shannon Lee in  "For Better" at the Langley Playhouse Synopsis of the story.”

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Roxy gives the Fraser Valley an update on Shannon Lee's latest CD and how it is being received. Click below to read!” - Roxanne Hooper

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The lady has all it takes to be a star.......... ......She's beautiful, sexy, and a highly talented singer. From British Columbia, Inglewood Productions and MMG present SHANNON LEE -- a lady we believe in. MMG promotes only the best! Click pictures for her MySpace page where you can read more about SHANNON LEE and hear more of her music.” - Mark Collier

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Doctor by day, entertainer by night (Preparing to release her second CD, singer Shannon Lee and her band perform in Aldergrove Saturday.) Roxanne Hooper, Langley Advance Published: Friday, October 10, 2008 A Murrayville's doctor is a little bit country, a little bit rock, and a smattering of jazz and folk. Dr. Shannon Lee operates an active family practice in Langley by day, but come night-time she can often be found on stage belting out her own distinctive songs. This multi-talented singer, songwriter and musician recently completed her second CD, Pot of Gold. And prior to its release next month, she's giving fans a sneak preview during an intimate performance at the Del Pollo Restaurant in Aldergrove Saturday night. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW” - Roxanne Hooper

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January 2009 Shannon's songs and voice remind me of jazz singers, torch song singers, and certain types of movie sound tracks. I can imagine seeing her standing on stage in a dimly lit room with one pen light featuring only the singer. She is definitely different than the normal run of singers. She does indeed have talent, as well as looks. I firmly believe if Shannon can connect with the right label or promoter who promotes her style of music, she can make it in the business..” - Mark Collier

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Shannon Lee is a Winnipeg-bred, Langley, BC based singer/songwriter, who makes her recording debut with this 13 song album or original songs. Shannon Lee is a versatile lady – a medical doctor by day, a published story writer, she plays piano, guitar, writes her own songs and has a pretty impressive voice. Her musical talents are showcased to their fullest on Kiss 'n Tell.” - Larry Delaney

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. . .There are no rough edges here: the production is smooth, the playing is tight, the mix is well balanced and the voice – of one Shannon Lee - is silky, suggestive and sultry. For some reason, she reminds me of the country artist Loretta Lynn, maybe in part due to her physical appearance, and – yes – perhaps a little bit of Amanda Marshall, whom Lee lists as a major influence. This much is certain: her voice is strong and expressive – easily equal to the task set by her composition.” - Cam Bastedo

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Shannon Lee is a very talented lady. . . she has what I like to call "The New York" sound.” - Mark Collier

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Regarding "Kiss 'n Tell" Here is one very special album. I don't say that lightly, either. There are 13 tracks on the disc and you can cull it all you want without finding anything lower than good. I was impressed with the quality of the music, before: Before learning that ALL of the music and ALL of the lyrics were written by the performing artist, before learning that she is an accomplished performer on guitar and piano, and before learning that she does all this during her off-duty time from working in the Emergency Room of a large Canadian hospital as a trauma physician!! How she can keep all that together is amazing enough, but the real kicker is, this is REALLY GREAT MUSIC!!! This is not just some 'I wish I could sing' joker who strums a guitar and strains trying to hit the high notes. Oh no! This is a real singer who has an excellent voice and who is also an instrumentalist with the knowledge needed to create wonderful musical arrangements!! The album is not what I would call "Country", but is actually more "Pop/Rock" in my opinion, and Shannon has a wee bit of an accent which shows here and there to my Midwest USA ears. My choices for best tracks are as follows: "Kiss 'n Tell", "Jiminy", "When All Is Said And Done", all 3 of which are real toe-tapping rockers, "You Can't Hurt Me Now", a nice slow ballad type with some 'blow you away' guitar parts, and the track which probably comes closest to being country in it's texture, "I've Forgotten To Pray." It's not a 'gospel' song per se, but does have a definite religious nature to it's lyrics. Musically speaking, it's some of the best music I've ever heard!! It has a fiddle and some outstanding guitar phrases giving it a serious 'country' flavor and a driving drum beat that would do any rock song true justice. Top all of that off with Shannon's fine vocals and you have a song that is being added to my list of Favorite Indie Songs , along with three of the others. I believe that just about anyone would find this album to be an excellent addition to their music collection. There's more on my site's Shannon Lee page.” - Doug Morris

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