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  1. Eventual Avenue

From the recording Eventual Avenue


How’s about it?
You’re looking for romance.
No doubt about it
You’re gonna have to take a chance

How’s about it?
You wanna have some fun?
Don’t think about it
Just take my hand and run

Stroll with me down Eventual Avenue
Stroll with me down Eventual Avenue

No need to worry
I’ve got you on my list
No need to panic
You’re gonna get that kiss

You’re heading for it
Just keep the goal in sight
Don’t just ignore it
Don’t put up any fight

Up the street and to your left
There’s a candy store in sight
And over there past city square
Is a fountain of delight

So how’s about it
We don’t need to talk
Let’s just be honest
Are you ready to rock?

How’s about it
The party’s just begun
You’ve got my number
And I could be the one