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  1. I Just Want Out

From the recording I Just Want Out


I Just Want Out
Lee & Rankin © 2003

I don’t want to try no more
I don’t want to play this game
I just want out

I don’t want to cry no more
I don’t want to live this lie
I just want out

What’s the use in crying crocodile tears
What’s the point in praying some day you’ll change
I’m on a rollercoaster ride and you’re giving me the go around
Go around, go around again

We never said this match was made in heaven
Sometimes it’s been a living hell
Where are we supposed to go when every time I turn around, turn around, turn around you’re gone

I don’t want to sigh no more
I don’t want to rock this boat
I just want out

I saw you just the other day with Anna
Then a little later flirting with Jill
What am I supposed to think if all you do is
Fool around, fool around, fool around at will