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  1. Ordinary Man

From the recording Ordinary Man


I've been around this crazy world for years
And nothing ever lit that light no miracle appeared
Until that fateful day when I met you
And nothing ever felt so right nobody else would do
But you

But lately when I call you you're not home
I leave a lot of messages but you’re leaving me alone
And no one knows exactly where you go
I thought I found a love for life
But I found a rolling stone

I’m hearing things I just don't want to know
Like you're being seen all over town, you're really on a roll
You’re at the Commadore, the Roxy, and the Vogue
I’ll even pay the cover charge if you’ll invite me to the show

I want an ordinary man
Not a wild and crazy dude about town
Doing all I can
To keep you
What a fool I am

I'll look around this crazy world for years
Knowing what I'm looking for it's absolutely clear
A lover who is honest who is true
And makes me feel the way I do
Whenever I’m with you