From the recording You Can't Catch Me


You’re like Wiley Coyote
Who never got a break
Can’t the world see, how brilliant you could be
If only you were given a fair shake?

You’re like Yosemite Sam
A rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ kind of man
But I’m the road runner
Catch me if you can

You’re like Elmer Fudd
A ‘wascally, wotten’ dudd
You can’t out smart old bugs
You get mad, so sad!
You might get me in your sights
But you’ll never get a shot
I’m the road runner
Am I making you hot?

You’ve crashed the car a time or two
And fallen out of trees
You’ve braved Manitoba winters
And you’ve out run killer bees
But you just can’t seem to figure out
A way to get to me
I’m the road runner, you can’t catch me

You’re a sleazy, sly, Sylvester
And you’re pacing ‘round my cage
There is no key to this door
And it’s got you in a rage
This Tweety Bird is flying high
Her song is out of reach
Like the road runner, I’ve a lesson to teach

You’re just like Porky Pig
As wide as you are tall
You call me up and stutter
Want a date? You’re too late
‘Cause some other guy has caught my eye
You’re just not in his league
I’m the road runner, you can’t catch me